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The company Arlecchino was founded in 1994, in an era of great opportunities, at the intersection of & laquo; old & raquo; and & laquo; new & raquo; times. Its main task was the organization of business and festive events under the control of professional managers and technical experts. This fact alone Arlecchino is different from the other event-companies.

By extending its activities beyond the normal and templates, Arlecchino actively adopts the experience of Western colleagues and heads for high-level organization of the event.

The path of the company was not easy. Ideas Arlecchino & ndash; bold, creative, thoughtful and ambitious, could not always be provided by external contractors on the technical level of quality, which asked the company's management. This was due to the absence in Russia of the necessary equipment and trained, experienced technicians.

In 2001, the leadership of Arlecchino creates a technical unit - Arlecchino Techno. As the unit was allocated a separate company. Currently, her own park includes several lines of equipment: a sound that will satisfy the needs of such venues as the Olympic SC, Crocus City Hall, Gostiny Dvor; light from top brands; stage design and suspensions for the outdoor and indoor playgrounds and much more.

In 2006, while continuing collaboration with colleagues from around the world, Arlecchino Group offers its customers a new format of entertainment programs with the participation of the world's Cirque du Soleil show and Dinnershow, requiring a lot of preparation and complex logistics. The challenge & ndash; bring the world show for one night & ndash; require a completely different approach to implementation, and needed a surefire economic calculations.

The close cooperation with the international show significant impact on creativity Arlecchino Group & ndash; Employ start working talented European directors, directors, choreographers and experienced creative managers. This collaboration leads to impressive results and a new round of development.

Today, Arlecchino Group, without changing its values, continues to search for new forms of unconventional and innovative solutions, capable of hitting the modern customer. World of event-industry is not standing still, and our main task & ndash; successfully develop the direction chosen by more than 20 years ago. As at that time, we remain dedicated and loving approach to every detail of the upcoming events.

Arlecchino. Events, born with love.